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Site Width Matters in SEO

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eDon't just focus your search engine optimization efforts on only the home page of your website. This is a fundamental blunder that can result in the website missing out on a lot of visiting traffic and potential customers.  Be Smart, Go Wide!

What do I mean by that? In most cases, a website should be optimized to draw traffic through not only the home page but also to all the other various sub-pages on your website. Home pages, obviously, can be tailored to the primary keyword phrases you are seeking for your business, but don't forget to optimize all your website pages for the keywords of that pages topic.

Clients ask me, “Which keyword phrase should I try to optimize for on my website”.  Then they show me a list of keywords and phrases they came up with they think are important.  I like to see the look in their faces when I tell them to optimize for all of them.  I can see the wheels in their heads quickly trying to figure out how to write all those keywords and phrases on their home page. I don’t let them fret too long.  I tell them, the real question is which keywords should they use on which pages?

For example, let’s say a particular entertainer is a professional magician and illusionist for various types of parties and events.  They may perform a children’s show for birthday parties, close-up type magic with cards and coins for cocktail parties, corporate type entertainment for sells meetings, a big illusion stage show at theaters for fund raising groups as well as working the fair circuit in the summer time.  So, which of these subjects should be used as the keyword phrase for the home page? Answer? None! Instead, the generic term "Magician and Illusionist" should be used. But what about the specific entertainment options? The individual pages on the site promoting each show type are optimized for the specific product. The children’s birthday magic show page is optimized for children’s birthday magic keywords, the corporate show page for corporate magic keywords and so on. The end result of this is the home page is appearing high in "Magician" search results, while each of the other pages are also appearing high for their individual topics.

This can often lead to an interesting visitor situation. In time, as you review your server stats, you should start to see your traffic coming in through these other internal site pages, not just the home page which makes for a nice revenue increase.

The home page of a website is critical in a search engine optimization campaigns. Just keep in mind that it is NOT the only page that can draw potential customers and revenue to your website.



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