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Slideshow production companies are popping up all over the Internet. People are taking their digital and print pictures and having them placed on DVD’s as slideshows for personal use and for gifts for all occasions. People everywhere are hiring professional slideshow production companies  to make engagement slideshows for wedding receptions, graduation slideshows, anniversary slideshows, birthday slideshows, memorial service slideshows, vacation slideshows, holiday slideshows, and just about anything you can think of slideshows. But how do you know which slideshow company to choose?


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unlimited disk spaceThis is a common question about website disk space, and the answer is (drum roll please); it depends.

This usually depends on the size and number of images you need on your website. The actual html code of web pages is an insignificant amount. Web sites that require a lot of images or other multimedia do require more disk space than those sites that provide a quick loading text based website with a few images and buttons. As an example, a fresh new install of WordPress takes less than 5MB of disk space and a Joomla! fresh install is less than 15MB. These numbers are before you put any text, photos or video on the website.


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eDon't just focus your search engine optimization efforts on only the home page of your website. This is a fundamental blunder that can result in the website missing out on a lot of visiting traffic and potential customers.  Be Smart, Go Wide!

What do I mean by that? In most cases, a website should be optimized to draw traffic through not only the home page but also to all the other various sub-pages on your website. Home pages, obviously, can be tailored to the primary keyword phrases you are seeking for your business, but don't forget to optimize all your website pages for the keywords of that pages topic.

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